Saturday, October 6, 2018

Benefits of Using LED Light Systems in Operation Theatres

Imagine that you are doing a surgical procedure on a patient and the area to operate is less luminous. Mishaps might occur. Thus, in an operation theatre, the light source is of key importance. It enables you to see the cavity or internal parts of the patient with utmost clarity.
In earlier days, sunlight was the source for operation. With the invention of light bulb, things have changed. But, they too caused problems. Then came the LED light (Light Emitting Diodes) which are currently in vogue.  

These LED lights have found their way into operation theatres too due to their distinct benefits. Some of the important benefits regarding their usage in an operation theatre are as below:

Luminescence :
Illuminating the body part where surgery has to be carried out is crucial in a surgical procedure. Light with luminous intensity above 100000 lux is needed for a clear true colour rendition of the body part. LED light systems provide such intense light.
Also, the LED Operation Light Manufacturer , through their ingenuity are including illumination intensity adjustment mechanism into the latest LED systems. This helps in eliminating shadow effects in the operation theatre and provide clear visual assistance to the doctors.

Heat :
Traditional incandescent lights dissipate heat. It causes discomfort to the patient and the staff in the operation theatre. Also, when high intensity light is projected onto the body of the patient, heat damages the tissue.
LED lights are cool. They do not dissipate heat. And thus have a major advantage in an operation theatre. Even at close ranges, the LED system does not burn the tissue.

Ease of Movement :
An efficient lighting system needs to be easily adjustable. That is, it can be moved closer to the patient or farther. The modern LED light systems are capable of this movement. The LED operation light manufacturers included a sterilized handle on the system for easy movement.

Power Efficiency and Affordability :
For a hospital, the cost of conducting an operation must be low. Traditional lamps are heavy power consumers. This increases costs for the hospitals. LED lights are power-efficient. They consume very less power per unit of light emitted. And they are cheap to produce. But, the affordability of a LED system depends on the LED operation light manufacturer that you choose.
Other than these, there are many more benefits of using a LED light system in an operation theater. But, these are the primary things to look into if you are planning to purchase one for your facility.
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