Thursday, January 3, 2019

Have You Considered These While Purchasing Operation Room Lights?

Operation Room LightOperation rooms are not only about performing surgeries on the patient. There are many pre-, post- and in between functions the nursing staff and surgeons undertake. For carrying out these functions properly illuminating the surgical room is absolutely necessary.

If you are into healthcare business, have you considered the following while purchasing Operation Room Light ? If not, take a note.

1.      Clear Visibility :

As mentioned above, the medical staff undertake many functions during, pre and post operations. They include taking medical notes, getting the operation theater ready for the surgery, keeping the place hygienic, checking for accidentally fallen medical equipment etc. Also, the modern operation theatres are equipped with many computer monitors for which there should not be any glare. Thus for clear visibility, consider an operation room light that avoids glare and provides high illumination. 

2. Staff Wellbeing :

Normal lighting requirements for performing various surgeries ranges from 100,000 lux to 160,000 lux. For some surgical procedures, it is in the range of 200,000 lux. In such high light intensity setting, the medical staff is prone to headaches and irritability. Thus, consider a lighting system or light, the intensity of which can be adjusted as per the needs of the staff.

3. Drifting of Light:

Surgeons often complain about lighting drift while performing surgeries. It entails the movement of light away from the work area. This occurs due to the instability of the operation room light supplier. Due to design inefficiencies, the suspension arms of the light drift away causing disastrous effects during operation. Thus consider lights that have stable suspension arms.

4. Heat :

As per the World Health Organization (WHO), the most common problem with surgical lights is the heat that they generate. The heat burns the patient’s body during operations. Traditional incandescent and halogen lights have this problem. The modern lighting systems come with LED lights that emit less heat and are suitable for high precision surgeries. Thus, consider heat factor while making a purchasing decision.

5. Space :

The gizmos that go into a modern operation theatre eats into space. You do not want extra space to be eaten by a lighting system. Consider purchasing a light that occupies less space and is maneuverable. A number of lights with sleek designs are available in the market for your choice.

We understand that the above-mentioned factors are not the only factors to consider. There may be many factors depending on your necessities. But, the above mentioned are worth considering while purchasing the light system for your hospital or your healthcare facility.

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